Thursday, April 23, 2009

BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo Concept

I noted this unusual 5-series concept that BMW has developed. The Gran Turismo is based on the new 5-series which debuts in 2010. The Gran Turismo has a length of 196.8 inches makes three inches shorter than the 750i sedan and almost five inches longer than the X6 SUV.
The styling appears to make this vehicle a SUV/Crossover, but it has all the dimensions of a station wagon. BMW actually produces a 5-series station wagon. BMW for years called this concept a Progressive Activity they have dropped that name in favor of the 5-series Gran Turismo.
Many auto writers compare the Gran Turismo to the Mercedes-Benz R-Class since there are no other vehicles that are similar. The R-Class sales have been dismal, Mercedes has put substantial incentives on the vehicle.
The concept show is a 2+2 version, but the actual production version may be a 2+3 There’s no third row but the back seat area is large, along with a substantial storage space in the back. See the Car and Driver Video!

BMW hasn’t officially announced the engine choices but it's 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six will likely be the most popular engine. BMW will also probably offer the 3.0 liter turbo diesel with 265 hp, which should get a low 20 mpg EPA rating. The Gran Turismo is a rear wheel drive vehicle, with all-wheel drive optional. Pricing for the Grand Turismo is expected to start at $45,000 USD.

The Gran Turismo should be in showrooms in the Spring of 2010. How the Gran Turismo fits in BMW's SUV model line up X3, X5, and X6 SUVs is questionable!

My take is that this is a stylish form of a station wagon. BMW is trying to use a marketing gimic to sell a station wagon, since station wagons have a low public perception in the U.S.


  1. Hi Pete,

    Thank you for your article on BMW. BMW is my all time favorite. Somehow, I did not like current models' design. In taking a look at the picture you posted. I am sure I like this model.

    Shaw Funami
    Fill the Missing Link

  2. Hello Shaw,

    I agree...the styling is better than the current 5-series! It is probably another Bangle design. He has been the force behind BMW designs.

    This maybe the direction that cars evolve!

    Thank you for your comments!

    Pete Baca
    The Car Enthusiast Online

  3. Hi Pete .. I like the champagne colour .. quite taken with that!!

    I hate the tv in the back .. what are we coming to .. no communication or seeing the world .. or able to amuse ourselves with car games .. this silent wall the kids are building is not conducive to Hilary!!

    I hope your father-in-law is more comfortable? Look after yourselves ..
    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters

  4. Hello Hilary,

    This appears to me to a new form of the station wagon! They are just disguising it as a cross over SUV. Toyota is doing the same thing with the Venza. So, this vehicle is basically for people with young kids.

    This is not what I would normally post to this blog! The reason that I brought it up is that this maybe the start of a new direction in vehicle design. What we may see is the line between cars and crossovers disappear. Note the Aston Martin Lagonda concept!

    Thank you for your concern about my father-in-law! He is better but not out of the woods.

    Pete Baca
    The Car Enthusiast Online

  5. Pete,

    Great looking car. The pricing seems some what descent also. Seems like a great car for everyday driving. Great post.

    Dr. Moulas

  6. Dear Dr, Bob,

    I agree with you on the styling! It is attractive for a family hauler! It would be a better choice than some of the SUV's out there. Also, gets better milage!

    Thanks for your comment!

    Pete Baca
    The Car Enthusiast Online