Thursday, May 21, 2009

Auto Pacific Announces Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

AutoPacific announced its 13th Annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards (VSA). The top ranked auto manufacturer for the second year in a row is Cadillac. Cadillac was ranked highest among 25,000 new car owners for 2009. This proves that General Motors is building good cars...with satisfied owners. Much of the public is till under the assumption that American cars are not made as well as the Japanese vehicles. It is simply not true anymore!
This has been a turbulent year for GM with sales down substantialy, and the auto industry in such turmoil. This year has been one of the most dismal sales years for the automobile business in recent history.

The VSA award is coveted among auto manufacturers since earning this award will result in sales in the showroom. Also, friends will ask their friends and co-workers typically ask if they like their new car....the real test is if they would buy this car again.
The manufacturer that has increased their satisfaction with their vehicles the most for 2009 is Hyundai! They have come a long way since 1986 when they started selling cars here in the U.S. They moved up eleven spots in the Overall brand satisfaction ratings earning 2009 Rising Star Award. Outlined below are the passenger cars...if anyone is interested in the light truck category go to Auto Pacific.

  • Premium Luxury Car - Lexus LS

  • Aspirational Luxury Car - Hyundai Genesis

  • Luxury Large Car - Lincoln Town Car

  • Luxury Mid Size Car - Lexus ES

  • Premium Mid Size Car - Hyundai Sonata

  • Mid Size Car - Ford Fusion

  • Image Compact Car - Toyota Prius

  • Compact Car - Mitsubishi Lancer

  • Economy Car - Honda Fit

  • Sports Car - Porsche 911


The VSA is a factor that everyone buying a new car should consider. If a car earns the top honor in the Auto Pacific VSA, then it should be put on your shopping list and worth a test drive. There are still a number of other factors to consider such as the styling, drive ability, price, deal, rebates etc.


  1. Hi Pete .. it'll be interesting to see how next year's list turns out.

    I'm quite intersted to see that Hyundai started after the war as a construction company with a small auto repair shop in North Korea, before becoming South Korea's largest conglomerate. Amazing growth and development across the globe. Now it's 5th in the world.

    Thanks for the VSA award information ...
    Hlary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters

  2. Hi Hilary,

    Your point is well taken! Hyundai is now a huge conglomerate...they also own the Kia brand also. Both brands have show substantial improvement in addition to design, engineering and styling.

    So they are a company to keep your eye on...they have some great products, one example is the Hyundai Genesis. Great car for the money!

    Thanks for your interesting comment!

    Pete Baca
    The Car Enthusiast Online