Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Tickets Given Out In Hard Times!

Unfortunately, it is true! It appears that more municipalities are having hard times themselves. They need more revenue - therefore they are asking the police departments to increase vigilance on citations to cover the budget shortfalls. Many police departs indicate that they do not have quotas but what else would you call it!

Take Detroit for example, the car business has been slowing down for a number of years - along with city coffers. The number of moving violations in the greater Detroit area has increased 50% since 2002. Michigan during that time has also cut revenue sharing to communities by $3 billion dollars.

So, whenever your driving be aware that police departments in many cities and states are issuing more citations that ever. One unintended side effect might be is that if drivers watch their bad driving habits. The number of accidents and fatalities will also go down.

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