Saturday, February 14, 2009

New American Car Company - Tesla Motors

Most people are unfamiliar with Tesla Motors, they are an American auto manufacturer. They produce an electric car the Tesla Roadster which is one of my favorites. Actually, while most of the auto industry is in the dole drums due to the bad economy. This company has 1000 back orders on their production thru November and will be sold out thru 2009 shortly.

The Tesla Roadster is an exotic car and sells for $109,000. The Roadster is assembled in England by Lotus Motor. European deliveries of the Roadster and Roadster Sport will start in late June, and we will announce the location of our first European showroom (in London, UK) in the next few weeks
The company is also developing a four door sedan called the Model S. The department of Energy informed Tesla that they will disburse $350 million for their Model S within the next few months. The Obama administration has made it a high priority to move quickly on the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan program.

Elon Mush, Chairman of the Board, Product Architect and CEO wrote this in his blog "I expect sales demand to strengthen further as this awareness grows. After all, what’s the point of driving another exotic sports car when it is slower than a Tesla and damages the environment? Already, the Tesla Roadster is the car of choice among the technology, business and Hollywood A lists – this year’s Academy Awards will be a lineup of Teslas – and we have never had to give a discount to anyone". See the Tesla Blog for more information!



  1. Hi Pete I've picked this post up .. I see Lotus will play a major part in the Telsa roll out .. I must keep my eyes open for information on it ..

    It's interesting being an electric car ..

    Thanks Pete -
    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters

  2. Hello Hilary,

    Lotus cars are small and light! So, they are a natural for an electric car! If you take a look at the car it looks about the same size as a Lotus Elise, just restyled!

    Also, Tesla is going to do the electric drive for the new electric Smart Fortwo coming out!

    Thanks for your comment!

    Pete Baca
    The Car Entusist Online