Friday, March 20, 2009

Jaguar and Buick Overtake Lexus On Quality

This Associated Press news story written by Dan Strumph came across the wires today . Lexus has dominated the J.D. Powers vehicle dependability study since 1986. So this is shocking news that Jaguar and Buick have tied for the top spot and surpassed Lexus on the quality front. J. D. Powers dependability study surveyed owners of 2006 model year vehicles. Jaguar moved up from tenth place, meanwhile Buick moved up from sixth position from last year.

Owners opinions of a cars reliability after three years can be an impact on their opinion to repurchase that auto brand again. Auto makers watch the J. D. Powers reports closely since a positive report can increase or decrease sales.

Shown below is the Jaguar XF, which is a new model for 2009 replacing the S-type.

Cars have improved materially since 1986 and Lexus and Toyota have set the pace. In the J. D. Power report Lexus was in third place followed by Toyota. Mercury, Infinity and Acura take the fifth, sixth and seventh places in the survey. The worst performing brand was Suzuki, which is a Japanese brand.

The Buick LaCrosse, which was the highest ranked mid-size car, has basically been a sleeper in the automotive scene. It is a conservatively styled and designed car. It competes well against the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. Buick has been chosen as the GM division to compete against Lexus. Accordingly, the Buick LaCrosse will be totally redone for 2010 and looks quite impressive. A future post will cover the 2010 LaCrosse. Shown below is a 2008 LaCrosse.

This report basically shows that a number of brands are now competing with the Japanese on the long term quality of their vehicles. Ford has been on the upswing for the last couple of years. Credit does belong to Ford implementing the quality programs at Jaguar that developed this acclaim.
General Motors is increasing their quality at the same time. Many people have the perception that the American and British brands are inferior to the Japanese in quality. That may have been the case ten years ago but times are changing!


  1. Hi Pete .. I've seen the new Jaguar .. there's a dealers just round the corner from the Town Hall in Eastbourne & I live the other side! The plate here has 09 in it as it's been issued in the period March - August 2009 - there are a few around now despite the recession!

    We need a good car news story here in the UK .. the figures are pretty awful for both cars and commercial vehicles .. & the negative idea that the Brits may lose their motor industry altogether ..

    Opportunity for those entrepreneurs that can keep up .. I see Jaguar is now owned by the Indian group Tata Motors ..

    It's a changing world and the motoring world reflects this fairly easily in the known name brands and the new group owners ...

    Thanks Pete .. Hilary: Be Positive Be Happy

  2. Hello Hilary,

    The Jaguar XF is a great car! That is why Car and Driver selected it for one of the ten best.

    Sorry to hear about the continuing financial problems in England. Keep me posted on auto events on your side of the pond!

    Yes, I was upset that Ford sold Jaguar to Tata. Jaguar is proving to be an excellent brand. Ford had put a substantial amount of money to bring it to that point.

    Thank you for your wonderful comments!