Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jaguar XKR

One feature that traditionally separated Jaguars from the competition is the use of fine woods in their autos. Today, technology and performance are features of the brand, a beautiful example can be found in one of Jaguar's premire vehicles the XKR. The XKR is available either as coupe or a convertible.

Jaguar introduced the XK series in 1996 featuring the AJ-V8, which was the first V8 in Jaguar history. The XKR features a 4.2 liter version of that motor, 32 valve, 4-cam aluminum, supercharged V8 with 420 hp. The motor propels the cat from 0-60 MPH in 4.9 seconds. The motor defines power, just as a silky 6-speed ZF allows gear changes via steering wheel-mounted paddles.

The XKR is nimble and light due to its aluminum alloy bodyshell which is a rivit-bonded monocoque design that increases stiffness, reduces weight and improves road performance.

It also has Computer Active Technology Suspension (eCATS) which reads road conditions and automatically adjusts damping for an optimum balance of ride and control and delivers class-leading highway fuel economy.

The convertible version of the car has an interesting safety feature, sensors deploy a high-strenght aluminum hoops in the case of a rollover, creating a shield zone to help protect passengers.

Pricing starts at for the XKR coupe is $84,475 and the convertible $94,475. Check out this XKR video.


  1. Hi Pete .. thanks for that. My friends don't seem to see the advantages of blogging that we do .. so to get them to be enthusiastic is tricky! .. Once I've had my ride .. I'll give you some more feedback.

    I enjoyed the video ride though ..

    & I understand that a new version the 5L has just come out ..

    Oh well .. I've more ideas! Anon ..

    Thanks Hilary:Be Positive Be Happy

  2. Hilary,

    This car is my version of a muscle car - beautiful and powerful! The XKR is truly a luxurious sports car!

    The video shows this cars capability! Normally, people do not associate Jaguar with performance but that should be changing.

    Thank you for your comments!

    Best Regards


  3. Great looking car. It reminds me of the Aston Martin Vantage or Vanquish. Price is a little steep though for only 420 horespower, but i guess your not going to be racing her now are we?

    Dr. Bob

  4. Dr. Bob,

    There has been co-developement between the brands since Ford owned both, due to the substantial expense of developing a car.

    Yes, this car was made to go fast! Anyone that drives this car will probably have an assortment of speeding tickets!

    Best Regards



  5. Hi Pete
    O Boy, that is A CAR :-) What a beautiful machine, it is like art work.
    Thank you for the video as well as the post.
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

  6. Giovanna,

    Your right that is one fabulous car! I personally love the Jaguar styling.

    The drifting on the video was cool! That shows that the XKR is one serious sports car.

    Best Regards